Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How shoujo manga inspired my writing!

If it's not obvious enough my writing will be/is inspired by manga or Japanese graphic novels.

Specifically by the genre Shoujo Manga.

Growing up I was that weird quiet girl who didn't have a lot of friends.  I hated school, I was an extreme introvert, and nothing seemed to be able to make me happy.  Until I discovered manga.  Of course with the first discovery I tried to get my hands on whatever manga I could find.  Most of it was geared toward boys.  The first stories I ever wrote were horrendous action adventures that were just all over the place.  They didn't have a real focus, it was more about getting from point A to point B without many obstacles.

Around middle school I found out about Shoujo manga which is geared towards girls/women and depicts dramatic life situations.  Reading Shoujo manga inspired me to start writing more "dramatically".  For example it'll depict romance, friendships, even action but with a higher level of emotion, intensity, and drama.  Strangely my all time favorite Shoujo happens to have a boy as a main character and it's packed with violence but it's still amazing.   After reading mountains and mountains of Shoujo manga I realized my writing needed to be dramatic, it needed more juice to reel in potential readers.  This in a way is how I developed my writing style, from Shoujo manga!

 Here's some scenes from Shoujo manga! (these are all different)


  1. I was the same, I grew up reading shoujo manga and I've read tons of it <3 I think shoujo manga is a huge inspiration for writing. ^-^

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