Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Rougher Draft

I've been working on my current book title for the past FOUR YEARS...okay it's not technically four years just on and off for the past four years.  This past year is when I've started to become extremely serious about finishing it.  This story has been in my head for years, it was inspired by a mixture of Cruel Intentions and a certain Manga series (Japanese comic).  It's set inside of an "elite" boarding school with the main character being a girl not use to the wealthy environment.  The genre is young adult with a touch of new adult since my main character is eighteen.  But that's all the information I'll give out for now, I still have a long while before my first draft is even finished but I've been working hard.  

My goal is to be finished with the first draft by then end of August, I have my fingers crossed that I will.  I want to release this book before next year but I don't want to rush, rushing can result in a terrible product.  But I'm so eager to finish it, this story has been in the rough draft stage way too long.  I started thinking about it in high school then completely ignored it when I got to college but now I'm ready to finish.  After I'm done with this book I already have a YA fantasy series brewing in my mind.  This series more than likely won't take as long as my first book since I now have a pretty good process, it's taken me four years to develop.  I want to base it around Japanese mythology but I'm not sure how, I need to get inspired! 

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