Sunday, November 17, 2013

Still working on Mean Boys...

 (oh look, it's me)
I haven't given up on my book, I'm still in the process of working on it.  Recently I got a new job which has been taking up a lot of my time.  A lot.  But that hasn't stopped me from working on Mean Boys.  I utilize my breaks at work by writing my outline or writing little side notes.  I'm so close to being finished.  ><   

With the outline anyways.

My writing process is still a huge work in progress but I plan to put a schedule together in order to churn out this first draft.  Looks like my January release date will definitely be pushed back, way back.  Sadly.  But it will be out, eventually. 

I'm hoping my next book won't take this long, it shouldn't though since this is my first real published novel then again I have no help and I'm paying for everything (cover, advertising, etc) myself.  I also have another story on Wattpad with only three chapters but it's gotten pretty popular.  I'm updating that as well, it's a gay werewolf romance story.  Viewer discretion advised...seriously.  

So if you're into that I'd take a look.