Saturday, November 29, 2014

BETAREADER search...

I love finding pictures of people who remind me of my characters, I can't help but save them into my computer.  Even if the person is way too beautiful to be my character.  Some writers can go overboard with how gorgeous they make their characters, I try to have a balance.  I don't like the idea of comparing a male character to Dionysus (I read this in a young adult book once), the troupe of comparing hot male characters to Greek gods is cringe worthy.  This happens so much in YA it's ridiculous.  Yes beautiful human characters are fun but lets give then some flaws please!  Or at least try not to describe how perfect a character looks every five words, lol.  This guy is HOT and how I'd picture my main male character Zeus D'Arcy if he were perfect. (not sure who the model is, I found these randomly months ago)

At the moment I'm still in the 2nd draft stages of my book, I'm contemplating if I should find a few beta readers once I get the final draft edited.  It'll only be around 100 pages, a serial, so it wouldn't be something time consuming.  I'd like to just know the genuine opinion of people who typically read YA or NA.  Right now even though I'm far from being done I'm looking to take emails from people interested.  Here's a warning, Mean Boys is set in a boarding school but there are mature themes which makes it more suited for the New Adult audience.  Cussing/sexual themes, etc.  With that in mind anyone interested please email me at (watch as no one contacts me T.T) I'll also be on the search myself.  I have a lot of time off from work this month, so all my days are going to spent putting the last little details into this.  I'm also making sure Part 2 doesn't take as long!

Monday, November 10, 2014

1st Draft DONE + New cover!

 After years of coming up with a plot, writing (and rewriting), hating then liking it again I'm finally done with my first draft!  I finished it a while ago and I'm now working on the second draft, I'm going full speed ahead with this thing because I want this done before the end of the year.  

 Published and out.  

I'm releasing Mean Boys in parts as a serial, I'm actually on Part Three right now.  Mean Boys Part One will be about 100 pages, and the page count will increase with each part.  This format allows so much more flexibility.  Also to cater to my new format I had to make a slight change to my cover, it's super slight.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

82726 words far.

It's taking me almost four years but I'm almost near my goal of hitting 100,000 words for Mean Boys.  I'm still on the first draft, unfortunately, and I'm afraid of the editing process but I definitely don't think it'll take me as long.  I'll probably cry and have a party once I finish even though I'll still have so much to do.  My fear is i've been working on this book for nothing.  No one will buy it and no one will like it.  I fully expect to have people who don't like it but my fear is EVERYONE will hate it.  When I read over my draft I can't help but cringe at some parts, the thought of people reading it scares me, like any author I'd assume.  I've been writing out chapters first before typing them, I do this mainly at work since any electronics are now banned at our workstations. (so no mini laptop)  It's actually a lot more enjoyable for me doing it this way, it takes me back to middle/high school when all I did was write and write.
 Can you tell how battered and bruised my notebook on the left is?  And here's some filled pages, I purposely blurred the picture to spare you guys my embarrassing writing.
I'm sorry this update is short, but fingers crossed my next post will be about me finishing this first draft.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Making progress...sort of

Still here!  And still making progress, somewhat, I did get a secret weapon, a new laptop.  It's actually a pink mini laptop, I bring it to work and it's really helping me get stuff done.  The past two weeks I've been distracted (work, life, superficial things) but once I get focused again I'll start making more progress.  Not only is it cute but so useful. 

 I've also started jolting down ideas for a serial.  Yes, serial, not series.  A serial is typically a set of books where each one is usually less then 50 pages, some even less then 20.  I know a lot of people hate serials because they're extremely short and normally end on cliffhangers.  But serials are cheap, usually only 0.99.  It's a new thing I'm trying.  At the rate I'm going with Mean Boys my serial might be out first, which will be annoying.  But I need to release something soon or I'll pull my hair out.  For anyone interested the serial will be a gritty New Adult contemporary with a touch of fantasy.  Not erotica but it'll definitely be sexual, as well as have some controversial themes such as abortion.  It's actually going to play a big role in the serial, I'll be curious to see how readers react to it.  So we'll see.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Where are the black young adult leads?

Writing Mean Boys has been a very difficult task.  Very.  Some days I don't even want to look at it, I was starting to seriously hate everything about it.  I was contemplating giving up on it and working on something completely different.

Until I starting scrolling through Goodreads, mainly in the Young Adult area.  There I noticed that most of the books featured white main characters.  

By most probably all.

Another thing that's super apparent is a lot of these books are being adapted into movies.  The scary thing is if you look at all of the popular book to movie adaptions all of the female main characters have similar looks (brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin, etc).

I dare you to compare them, it'll freak you out.

My book has diversity, it features a black main character.

Okay, one black person, big deal.  But it doesn't end there, there's an Asian character, Hispanic, etc.  And they're not just dopey sidekicks meant to make the perfect white lead look better.  They're real, they have flaws, they have a story.  

And it's not about their race.

The media LOVES to depict black women in particular as the sassy ghetto best friend who could never upstage the beautiful white lead.  Now I'm NOT saying there's anything wrong with white leads, the first book I ever wrote had a white main character.  I'm just saying it's kind of terrifying to think in this mixed up world that we live in, full of so many different kinds of people books are still being written with one type of person in mind.

When I was in middle school all I did was read, that's it.  I read.  I especially loved books where the main character had to go on world saving adventures.  Back then it's was nearly impossible to find even one book with a black girl as main character.  And not just a book where it deals with racial struggles or whatever.  But a book where she's a normal girl dealing with teenage issues, falling in love, saving the world, discovering she has magical abilities, and so on.  Never could I find anything like that.  

And when I did it was rare.

Now as a writer I feel like as I much as I want to give up, I can't.  Because there might be a girl like me who just wants to read an entertaining book with a girl she can identify with.

 So as much as I want too, I can't give up and I won't.

On a lighter note if I had to choose someone who'd fit how I picture Bianca Wilbur, my main character, it would definitely be Kylie Bunbury from the show Twisted.  She's EXACTLY how I picture Bianca, exactly.  If Mean Boys ever got adapted into a show or movie she'd be my top choice to play Bianca.

 (look at her, so perfect <3)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Well...I haven't updated in forever, sorry, but I am still working on my book.  Right now with my job (which takes up 90% of my time) it's a little hard to find the muse to write.  (Working in a call center as a billing agent really takes a lot out of you.)  I hate forcing myself to write, I feel like super bad writing is generated from that.  That's probably not true but I hate rereading parts that make no sense.  Which happens often.  Editing this book is going to be a nightmare.  But I'm forcing myself to write at least 1,000 words per night.  It's so hard finding inspiration -_-, but I'm pushing through and I'm getting this done!  I've noticed I get a lot of visitors on this blog so I'm asking that some of you please leave a comment or follow If you have questions about the book don't be afraid to ask.  Happy reading!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I'm so happy, my cover reveal was really sucessful!!!  
My book was on at least ten blogs and even tweeted about!
I'm so happy right now I could cry!