Friday, June 20, 2014

Making progress...sort of

Still here!  And still making progress, somewhat, I did get a secret weapon, a new laptop.  It's actually a pink mini laptop, I bring it to work and it's really helping me get stuff done.  The past two weeks I've been distracted (work, life, superficial things) but once I get focused again I'll start making more progress.  Not only is it cute but so useful. 

 I've also started jolting down ideas for a serial.  Yes, serial, not series.  A serial is typically a set of books where each one is usually less then 50 pages, some even less then 20.  I know a lot of people hate serials because they're extremely short and normally end on cliffhangers.  But serials are cheap, usually only 0.99.  It's a new thing I'm trying.  At the rate I'm going with Mean Boys my serial might be out first, which will be annoying.  But I need to release something soon or I'll pull my hair out.  For anyone interested the serial will be a gritty New Adult contemporary with a touch of fantasy.  Not erotica but it'll definitely be sexual, as well as have some controversial themes such as abortion.  It's actually going to play a big role in the serial, I'll be curious to see how readers react to it.  So we'll see.