Wednesday, August 20, 2014

82726 words far.

It's taking me almost four years but I'm almost near my goal of hitting 100,000 words for Mean Boys.  I'm still on the first draft, unfortunately, and I'm afraid of the editing process but I definitely don't think it'll take me as long.  I'll probably cry and have a party once I finish even though I'll still have so much to do.  My fear is i've been working on this book for nothing.  No one will buy it and no one will like it.  I fully expect to have people who don't like it but my fear is EVERYONE will hate it.  When I read over my draft I can't help but cringe at some parts, the thought of people reading it scares me, like any author I'd assume.  I've been writing out chapters first before typing them, I do this mainly at work since any electronics are now banned at our workstations. (so no mini laptop)  It's actually a lot more enjoyable for me doing it this way, it takes me back to middle/high school when all I did was write and write.
 Can you tell how battered and bruised my notebook on the left is?  And here's some filled pages, I purposely blurred the picture to spare you guys my embarrassing writing.
I'm sorry this update is short, but fingers crossed my next post will be about me finishing this first draft.