Saturday, November 29, 2014

BETAREADER search...

I love finding pictures of people who remind me of my characters, I can't help but save them into my computer.  Even if the person is way too beautiful to be my character.  Some writers can go overboard with how gorgeous they make their characters, I try to have a balance.  I don't like the idea of comparing a male character to Dionysus (I read this in a young adult book once), the troupe of comparing hot male characters to Greek gods is cringe worthy.  This happens so much in YA it's ridiculous.  Yes beautiful human characters are fun but lets give then some flaws please!  Or at least try not to describe how perfect a character looks every five words, lol.  This guy is HOT and how I'd picture my main male character Zeus D'Arcy if he were perfect. (not sure who the model is, I found these randomly months ago)

At the moment I'm still in the 2nd draft stages of my book, I'm contemplating if I should find a few beta readers once I get the final draft edited.  It'll only be around 100 pages, a serial, so it wouldn't be something time consuming.  I'd like to just know the genuine opinion of people who typically read YA or NA.  Right now even though I'm far from being done I'm looking to take emails from people interested.  Here's a warning, Mean Boys is set in a boarding school but there are mature themes which makes it more suited for the New Adult audience.  Cussing/sexual themes, etc.  With that in mind anyone interested please email me at (watch as no one contacts me T.T) I'll also be on the search myself.  I have a lot of time off from work this month, so all my days are going to spent putting the last little details into this.  I'm also making sure Part 2 doesn't take as long!

Monday, November 10, 2014

1st Draft DONE + New cover!

 After years of coming up with a plot, writing (and rewriting), hating then liking it again I'm finally done with my first draft!  I finished it a while ago and I'm now working on the second draft, I'm going full speed ahead with this thing because I want this done before the end of the year.  

 Published and out.  

I'm releasing Mean Boys in parts as a serial, I'm actually on Part Three right now.  Mean Boys Part One will be about 100 pages, and the page count will increase with each part.  This format allows so much more flexibility.  Also to cater to my new format I had to make a slight change to my cover, it's super slight.