Thursday, September 15, 2016

I hate reading?

As an author reading is fundamental, it's a general rule that to be a great writer you must read.  Good books, bad books, over-hyped books, doesn't matter.  YOU MUST READ.  So, then, I'm wondering as a writer why can't I read?  Growing up books were my life, literally.  They saved me.  I've had severe depression since I was a child and books were my escape.  Fiction and graphic novels.  The library was my safe haven, I went so often the librarians were my friends.  Everyday after school the library was where I'd go, no matter what, rain or shine.  I'd be one of the few kids actually searching for books and not there to use a computer. LOL

To put it simply reading was my life, I couldn't go a day without reading or writing.  Now as a 24 year old adult, not so much.  I barely read.  BARELY.  Aside from social media I haven't read much in months.  I'll read occasionally but I'll admit I haven't been engrossed in a book in a long time and I hate it.  Not reading isn't a big deal for a "normal" person but when you're a writer it's devastating.  I never have muse, I constantly criticize my own writing, and I'm not inspired.

I don't even read manga and that's visual, so either something's wrong with me or I hate reading.  Then again if I really hated reading I wouldn't constantly think about it, I wouldn't care.

I don't hate reading.

My life has just...changed, naturally.

But now I'm tired of it, I need to start reading again for my sanity.

So what I've done is Google how to get back into reading and the top remedies are to re-read your favorite books and set a specific time to read each day.  Luckily I own my all time favorite manga series, Banana Fish.  I haven't read it in years and I'm only missing the last volume.  This series is a masterpiece, I could read it a million times and still love it.
 (here's my collection)
As for favorite fiction book the only one I can think of is Kindred by Octavia Butler, it's amazing.  Almost life changing.  I don't own it but I can easily download the epub on my phone.  Lastly I need to set aside some time for myself to read every day.  Which for me would be right before I go to bed.  I guess the point of this blog post is to prove to myself that I don't hate reading (I'm not a weirdo lol).  I'm just a person whose somehow lost passion for something that I once truly loved. 

And that happens. 

Unfortunately it's effecting my creativity as a writer so it's crucial for me to pick up the reading habit again. 

How can you write if you're not reading? 


Thursday, February 25, 2016

Changing name! (Now Lanelle Hall)

I've decided that I will be changing my Author name from Barbie Hall to my real name which is Lanelle Hall.  It took me a while to come to this decision, I chose the name back in 2013.  Barbie came from a nickname I was called as a teenager and I really thought it would be a good fit as my author name.  Until I started thinking more about my books in the future and how I want them to be a complete representation of me.  So, my name from now on will be Lanelle Hall, I'm writing this blog-post as a warning for the future changes.  I will be changing my Goodreads, all of my links, etc.  I'll have to revamp lots of things so if you see Mean Boys being associated with the name Lanelle Hall don't be alarmed.  I'll also be getting a brand new cover made for Mean Boys and I'm kind of dreading the whole author name change on Goodreads because I'm sure it's going to be a hard process.  But at least I haven't published yet.  ^^  

Updates on Mean Boys coming soon, thanks for reading! 

-Lanelle Hall