Friday, June 23, 2017

Over editing!

This is a collage I created of imagery from "Mean Boys".

 I've finished editing the first 5 chapters of 28 and it wasn't easy.  I'm finding that my book needs lots of work, as it should, but also I feel that I'm over editing if that makes sense.  I've only started editing but I'm obsessing over silly things in the book like certain words that are being overused.  Words that must be used for a sentence to make sense.  I want to do three big edits and that's it because I don't want to memorize my story or forever editing it.  The more I read it the more I hate it, I'm sure these are the emotions most authors go through during this phase.  I might have to start searching for beta readers even sooner than I thought and I'm so nervous about that.

 My interest to read has increased ever since I started watching booktube and I'm so happy about that.  After becoming a working adult my reading has been terrible, everything gets in the way.  I realized I've been forcing myself to read books I don't like.  They either don't excite me, are over-hyped, or involve too much romance (I don't like books strictly with romance or a romance that takes over the plot).  This specific channel Jen Campbell is my favorite, I've been going through all of her videos, they're amazing and calming in a way.  She's opened my eyes to books I wouldn't have thought of reading.  

 Hopefully I'll continue editing at this nice pace and not pull all my hair out. 😂

Anyone interested in being a Beta Reader please email me at!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Mean Boys Edit Update #1

I'm not sure if I'll do these often but ever since finishing my full draft I've been anxious to start editing.  The first thing I've done is a read through and surprisingly the plotting isn't as bad as I thought (at least I hope it isn't).  I feel my biggest obstacle is grammar and making sure I don't use words over and over.  Also my draft (with errors still included) is 146k words, around 330 pages.  This book started at 150 pages so I'm proud I was able to expand it as much as I have.  My editing deadline is the end of the summer then it'll go off to the beta-readers (if I have some people rounded up by then).  And my overall publish goal is the beginning of 2018.  There's so much that needs to happen in the next six months but I'm excited to go on this journey!

Also if anyone is curious Goodreads deleted my book but that's the best case scenario for me because I'll be able to re-add and start fresh with a new cover.😂

Sunday, June 4, 2017


After years of putting this book off, rewriting it, hating it, and ignoring it I can say that I've finally finished Mean Boys!  Sort of.  Now I have to begin the edits but I've never been this far, it's always been me drafting and rewriting but never completely finishing.  I can say now that I've finished and oddly it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  I'm sure that's because I have so much time on my hands and I've been reading which inspires me.  Now the editing process begins, then beta reading, etc.  I'm in disbelief but I'm so proud of myself for finally finishing.  I want to move on to other projects and book ideas so finishing Mean Boys by 2018 is my top goal.

And I made a video on my author channel documenting the entire process.  It's long so grab some snacks (I also cry in it 😂).  Thank you so much to anyone whose followed me through the years, whether you comment/follow or not.

Updates coming soon!