Monday, July 17, 2017

Why I'm traditionally publishing! (trying)

It's seems a bit abrupt that I'm deciding to try traditional publishing.  It was.  No lie.  I want to state my reasons for this big change and why I feel it's the best thing for me right now. 

1. Money.  Self publishing takes money, lots of money if you want your book to look good, be well edited, and marketed.  Money I don't have right now and I don't like the idea of crowdfunding personally even though I was thinking of taking that route.  With traditional publishing of course that won't be a problem.

2. More exposure.  I want this book to be in bookstores, Walmart, Target, etc.  I want it to be as accessible as possible so my target audience can find it.  With self publishing this isn't impossible but it's a lot harder.

3.  Mean Boys is extremely marketable.  It deals with so many relevant current topics. (which actually was unintentional)  Bullying.  Blackmail.  Revenge porn.  It's provocative, edgy, diverse, sexy.  All of the above and I'm sure it'll entice literary agents unless I write a horrible query letter. 

So here's a few of my reasons, it's still surreal that I'm even trying.  I don't know if anything will happen.  Maybe my book isn't as marketable as I think, or not well written, or too long, etc.  Nonetheless this is my decision, for now.


  1. I'm still in the actual writing phase of my novel but at first I was leaning towards traditional publishing, too. It was basically for the exact same reasons that you stated here and I wish you luck in the field. The only reason I'm leaning more towards self-publishing now is because I want to have my own publishing company someday and as I researched it, many self published authors have their own company which I thought was cool. Anyway, I'm rambling but great post! I can't wait to hear more about your journey.

    1. Thank you for commenting! I'll definitely be blogging (and making videos) about the whole process. :)