Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Some progress!

I've finally been making progress with chapters 9 and 10 and I think it's mainly thanks to the amount of reading and movie watching I've been doing.  I finally watched The Basketball Diaries with Leonardo DiCaprio and it was so good.  In that movie he reminds me of my main character Zeus. 
And right now I'm about to finish A Clockwork Orange and I have to say it's becoming one of my favorite books (I watched the movie too).  I love how it's not afraid to "go there" if that makes sense and it makes me less worried about the tough scenes and issues I tackle in my book. 😅

Thursday, August 3, 2017


I'm stuck right now, specifically on chapter 9.😭  I don't know why but I can't seem to get through it so I might have to take drastic measures.  Which means either going to the library to do it or turning off my internet.  I'm too distracted.  I'm tired of being stuck, I feel like it's because this chapter is basically a total rewrite.  It's annoying.  1-10 has been a bunch of rewriting.  I want to make an update video so bad but I won't let myself until I get up to chapter 10 edited.

It's frustrating.😒

I hope to be done with the editing before the end of summer and before I find a job.  I'm currently submitting job applications so I need to either discipline myself or work harder.  Something or I'll be stuck forever. 

On the bright side while editing I realized one of my characters has a very distinct style, punk!  

 (This model is how I envision him
to look, he's Japanese!) 

He's a main character, has a bunch of tattoos, is half Japanese, androgynous, and his name is Judas.  He's such a fun character to write especially his style.  I love him and I can't wait to introduce him to readers if I ever get this editing done!! 😓

Very quick update, hopefully I'll get out of this slump soon.  

Thanks for reading! 😏