Thursday, August 3, 2017


I'm stuck right now, specifically on chapter 9.😭  I don't know why but I can't seem to get through it so I might have to take drastic measures.  Which means either going to the library to do it or turning off my internet.  I'm too distracted.  I'm tired of being stuck, I feel like it's because this chapter is basically a total rewrite.  It's annoying.  1-10 has been a bunch of rewriting.  I want to make an update video so bad but I won't let myself until I get up to chapter 10 edited.

It's frustrating.😒

I hope to be done with the editing before the end of summer and before I find a job.  I'm currently submitting job applications so I need to either discipline myself or work harder.  Something or I'll be stuck forever. 

On the bright side while editing I realized one of my characters has a very distinct style, punk!  

 (This model is how I envision him
to look, he's Japanese!) 

He's a main character, has a bunch of tattoos, is half Japanese, androgynous, and his name is Judas.  He's such a fun character to write especially his style.  I love him and I can't wait to introduce him to readers if I ever get this editing done!! 😓

Very quick update, hopefully I'll get out of this slump soon.  

Thanks for reading! 😏

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